It’s a holiday… It’s an event…No, it’s a mighty expedition that has never been seen on this scale before.

In December 2015 we will bring together like-minded people from around the world to spend three months in the Finnish Lapland, experiencing the magic of Polar winter.


The world is full of competitions that send winners on holidays. This autumn, Visit Finland and Finnair are going to do something that takes traveling to the next level. We are looking for explorers for a massive three-month-long expedition in the authentic territory of northern Finland. The over three months’ program is based on 18 tailor-made wintry themes and activities in a world of snow. The expedition will be led by Pasi Ikonen, one of the world’s leading arctic adventurers.

The explorers will share their experiences via photos & videos throughout the journey in various online media. Documentations of the themes will be shared on the campaign site weekly.


Forging the necessities for arctic life – blacksmith apprenticeship
Fire-fox blaze quest – aurora hunting by skidoo and snowshoe
Celebrating Finnish Christmas
In pursuit of the snow labyrinth – snowshoeing in the forest
Silent retreat – a holiday in a wilderness cabin
Arctic cowboy camp – reindeer-herding apprenticeship
Breaking the ice – a cruise on an icebreaker
Arctic mushing – husky guide apprenticeship
Capturing arctic nature in pictures
Five fells conquest
Climbing the frozen waterfalls
Up in the arctic air – taking skiing to the next level
Over the white fells by wind – snow kiting
Arctic rally on ice and snow
Tour de fells – fat-bike cycling on white trails
Kicking and gliding over the sea
Under the frozen surface – diving under ice
Expedition celebration in Helsinki


Winter is not just a single season in Finland – it’s many seasons, starting from November and lasting until early May in the northernmost parts of the country. As there is snow on the ground for half the year and the mood and light vary countless times during this period, it’s impossible to experience all aspects of winter during a short visit.

For the first time, Visit Finland and Finnair will make it possible to get the maximum amount of fun out of the entire winter. Finns are snow and ice professionals. Now they are organising a mighty three-month-long expedition to give outdoor enthusiasts the change to experience unique winter activities and an arctic culture that can’t be found anywhere else in the world. The winners will become the real masters of winter.

In today’s marketing environment we need actions that will bring a significant amount of interest and awareness to Finland. With this campaign, Visit Finland and Finnair are creating something truly unique simply by bringing people here for such a long period of time and letting them share their experiences in an authentic way.


We are talking to all like-minded people around the world who are looking for unique experiences in the arctic wilderness.

The expedition is not a normal holiday, it’s a true challenge of mind and body. We have recruited experienced outdoor enthusiasts who are open minded and in good physical shape.

Once the expedition is underway, a variety of content will be broadcast to a wide audience. You don’t have to be an extreme sports enthusiast to engage with the arctic wilderness of our region. Finnish Lapland is for anyone who loves travelling, admires nature and is looking for new experiences and inspiration.

So that we can reach the furthest corners of the world, we’re focusing our communications on Asian markets, including China, Japan and South Korea. In Europe, we will focus on the UK and Germany.


EXPEDITION: Dec 2015–Mar 2016


Visit Finland works to increase awareness of Finland as a tourist destination. Its marketing activities are targeted towards people who appreciate quality of life, pure nature and responsibility. That is exactly what Finland offers. Visit Finland works closely with ministries, travel businesses, transport companies and Finnish regions. This cooperation involves research, product development and, above all, marketing of tourism to Finland from abroad.

Finnair is one of the most innovative and longest-operating airlines in the world, established in 1923. Located on the top of the world where East and West are equally close, Finnair operates the fast and short northern route connecting 15 destinations in Asia to over 80 destinations in Europe. This supreme location has also shaped the way they think and do things. You can experience this Northern innovative attitude as you enter the plane inspired by Finnish nature. Flying Finnair, you get a taste of polar night magic starting from take-off.

The leader of the expedition is Pasi Ikonen. Pasi’s name is synonymous with adventurous expeditions, endurance racing and extreme skiing. He started his outdoor career as a border patrol officer, later going on to be a full-time athlete for 5 years, captaining his teams to many international victories around the world. In 2008 he completed an unsupported expedition to the South Pole. Pasi has more than 10 years’ experience as a wilderness guide.


This campaign creates a great framework for our partners to communicate about their products designed especially for arctic conditions, or just tap into our content by sharing it within their own communities in order to provide their consumers with relevant content.

HALTI, the Finnish outdoor and ski wear company, producing clothing and equipment.

Lapland Hotels, the largest and the most diverse hotel chain in Lapland.

Visit HelsinkiFeel the urban flow of Helsinki, the capital of Finland.
Visit OuluEnergetic, youthful Oulu, the capital of Northern Finland, invites you to have fun.
Inari-SaariselkäThe unique northern countryside in the far North of Finnish Lapland, with national parks, lakes, rivers and highland fells.
Visit KemiAlternative for traditional skiing holidays thanks to its Snow Castle, the Sampo Arctic Icebreaker cruises and winter safaris.
Pyhä-LuostoHigh-quality cottage accommodation
Suunto  At the forefront of innovation, hand crafting premium sports watches, instruments and dive computers.
HertzCar Hire in Finland.
Jussantupa – Traditional lodging for visitors to Finnish Lapland.
Hotel Pyhätunturi Located in the middle of the fell, right next to slopes and Pyhä-Luosto National Park with breathtaking views of the natural surroundings.
Himmerki This rustic yet modern holiday village is an ideal place to take a break from today’s busy urban life and get back in touch with nature!

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